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Company News

Machinery Damage & Breakdown Cover

Machinery Damage & Breakdown Cover is an excellent product providing protection against repair costs and includes operator error cover.  We have now completed over 500 agreements with the largest claim being £50k.  Cover can be provided no both new machines and used machines up to 10 years old for periods of p to 7 years.  Please contact us for more information.

Interest Rates Stable This Month

Longer term interest rates have remained stable this month.  We have received the latest cost of finds through from our lenders and there are negligible changes for all periods up to 7 years.

HGV Asset FInance

Asset finance for HGV’s represents an important part of our business.  This week we have obtained approval for 10 x Used “Ex-Rental” 2011 Mercedes Benz Tractor Units for a company based in the South East.  The proposal was received following a referral from a satisfied customer with whom we have dealt for 15 years.  If you are purchasing new or used HGV’s and require asset finance then please contact us now for free help, advice and quotations.

Machine Refinance

This week we have assisted an engineering company in the South East who were about to have their machines repossessed.  They were significantly in arrears with their asset finance agreements.  This was due to a shortage of working following a change in company structure in 2012.  However the underlying business was profitable and we were able to restructure their asset finance agreements to not only clear their arrears but also to provide a boost to cash flow and reduce their monthly repayments.

Please contact us for more information on machine refinance.

Longer Term Interest Rates Rise

The market has seen a rise in longer term money costs over the past month or so.  This has resulted in some of our lenders increasing their fixed rates by around 0.2% – 0.3% for 2-5 year periods.  Those that haven’t yet increased have indicated that they are likely to do so from 1st July.  Therefore if you are thinking of completing an agreement shortly you will almost certainly receive a better deal this month than in July.

New Lender – Societe Generale Equipment Finance

We have now completed our first agreements with Societe Generale Equipment Finance.  The rates and service have been excellent and have helped us to give a great service to our customers.  They are a very valuable addition to our panel of lenders.  If you require asset finance for a new or used machinery then please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and quotations.

New Asset Finance Lender – Societe General

We are delighted to report that we have added Societe General Equipment Finance Ltd to our panel of lenders.  S G Equipment Finance Ltd are supportive of UK manufacturers and provide asset finance services.  They are a very valuable addition to our portfolio.   S G Equipment Finance only deal with a limited number of finance brokers and will help us to provide an even better services for our customers.

If you would like any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.