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Business Loan

Raise cash for your business with a unique Business Loan

We have a new and unique way of raising finance by accessing equity in your property.  It can be for the following purposes.

  • Business Purposes
  • Investing in a property
  • Helping to expand Buy to Let portfolios.

However this new product has no monthly payments so there is no impact on your cash flow.  The loan is repaid along with a share of any increase in property value. Read here about modern business handling read this pay stub software review.

Loans are available up to 20% Loan to Value and are available to both the employed and self employed. Loans are secured via a second charge and are available on Buy to Let and Owner Occupied properties. If you are considering to apply now for a loan, here you can learn about finding the right direct lender for your quick loan.

Please contact us for more information.

Funding Circle Business Loans

Yesterday we had our first Funding Circle Business Loan application approved.  It will now be put onto their platform for the investors to bid with their best interest rates.

The Funding Circle is a relatively new lender to the market and Premier Business Finance are authorised agents.  Funding Circle, similar to Uber, match private investors with borrowers and provide Business Loans.  The loans can be for all purposes except property purchases. Additionally, Funding Circle offers title loan as part of their lending services. Learn more about business handling by checking this post about an instant pay stub maker online review.

The rates are usually more expensive than the best traditional machine finance providers but often compare favourably to bank loans.  They also avoid you using up your bank facilities which you may need for day to day working capital finance.  Therefore if you are buying assets unsuitable for machine finance such as building work, computer software, training costs, website development, mezzanine floors.  Alternatively if you just need a boost to cash flow then Funding Circle Business Loans are a good option.  They are also more likely to say yes and require less security than banks. You can also get more information in this paycheck maker review.

It costs no more to use an agent to handle your application than going direct.  They simply pay us a proportion of their standard arrangement fee which is the same if you go direct or through an agent form one of the best educations establishments according to these online finance school rankings.  You can save time and effort by allowing us to do the work.  We have worked on several applications now and are familiar with the administration procedures and information requirements.