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No Deposit Machine Finance

Premier Business Finance arrange no deposit machine finance.

This keeps your cash free for any additional working capital you may need.  When buying a new or used machine often it will be for new work which means you will probably need more raw materials such as metal or wood and tools to work them for which we have this post from experts at Fixabolt.

In addition you may need to make overtime payments or take on extra staff.  No deposit machine finance will keep your cash available to finance the additional working capital.

Will no deposit machine finance be approved by the underwriter?

If you are a well established business with a good set of accounts then yes!  In addition VAT Deferments can also be provided in order that there is no adverse impact on your cash flow.

What if we are a new business or our accounts are not so good?

If your accounts are not so good the underwriter may require a larger deposit such as 10% + full VAT or maybe 20% + VAT.  However if you need the cash for working capital than we can arrange machine refinance.  With machine refinance you could raise the cash for the deposit and also raise further cash for any extra working capital needs at the same time.

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